Alt+H sees the word 'alterhuman' as an opportunity to unite all kinds of people over a shared experience of being not-normatively-human.

We think that this experience deserves to be taken seriously and seek to challenge structures in public society that exclude or fail to consider alterhumanity. In our quest to advocate for and spread awareness of alterhumanity, we think the following things are important:

Inclusion and Diversity

Our site and its services are open to anyone who determines that they need them. We don't gatekeep or prioritize our attention based on which alterhuman groups seem 'respectable'. Our goal is for people to accommodate alterhumanity as it is, not to 'integrate' alterhuman people into society.

Autonomous Advocacy

We try to stand on our own as a movement as much as possible, avoiding unnecessary comparisons to other marginalized groups. We don't think alterhuman people deserve resources because we’re like another group, but on the merit of our own unique experiences and problems.


We think it's important to acknowledge where people’s experiences as parts of other marginalized groups do intersect and impact their alterhuman identities and vice-versa. We equally stand against the abuse of marginalized groups in general and understand that being dehumanized for an identity isn't implicitly an alterhuman issue.


We want to let people discover for themselves who and what they are, and to choose for themselves how they're represented. We respect that not everyone wants to be an ambassador for alterhuman identities, or be counted as alterhuman at all. We don't unduly label people as alterhuman or their experiences as representative of alterhumanity, no matter how congruent with alterhuman ideas they might seem.

Good Faith

We like to assume the best of the demographics we’re trying to educate - that the idea of humanity is so base that many people just haven’t had reason to question it. We don't shame people for being ignorant, and we acknowledge that our resources are best spent talking to people who are willing to listen.

For more information about alterhumanity itself, please see our Educate page.

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