Learn about alterhuman identities, who experiences them and how they affect people.

Alterhuman 101

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Personal Websites

  • Thébaïde - Essays on animality by a clouded leopard / common raven therian. Many articles also have French translations! / De nombreux articles sont traduits en Français aussi!
  • Between Forest and Sea - The personal website of House of Chimeras, with resources relating to both otherkinty and plurality.
  • - A collection of writings by the Elenari, a group of elven otherkin who share memories of their elven lives that have common elements of history, culture, and language.

Individual Articles

  • Ego Hippo - Florentin Félix Morin explores the formation of his hippopotamus alter-ego.

The alterhuman label covers a lot of ground, and explaining every subculture that fits the bill is far outwith the scope of this site. Instead, we provide select articles and sites from the communities themselves which go into much better detail.



  • More Than One - A small site laying out basic info about being multiple self-aware entities inside one physical brain.


  • and its wiki - A website with information on postfurry as a concept and links to postfurry community spaces, maintained by Indi Latrani, who also moderates our Discord server.


  • - A long-running site with an FAQ, glossary and a large corpus of articles on different aspects of being otherkin.


  • Project Shift - "an information and resource site, aimed at providing the public with up-to-date information on therianthropy and the therianthropic community."


  • Noctalium - A Spanish-language website mainly focused on modern/'real' vampires but with some information on otherkin and therians as well.

Research Papers

House of Chimeras also keeps this list of sources on otherkinity, therianthropy and similar.

For Allies

Advice and resources for people in specific community roles

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