Volunteer Positions

Social Media Assistant


You'll work with other volunteers to turn our activities into news posts for the blog and crosspost this content to other other social media channels. You'll communicate with followers on our behalf about any questions, comments or concerns they might have. We'd also like you to discover news and other content which is relevant to alterhuman people that Alt+H can boost or report on.

Required Skills

  • Can write clearly and effectively in both longform and short articles
  • Can follow our manual of style to ensure a consistent voice for Alt+H
  • Able to leverage the specific features and culture of a social media platform to most effectively convey a message there
  • Able to search for and identify relevant information in a timely manner

Note: We're considering multiple people for this role; if you feel like being responsible for just one of our social media channels, feel free to specify in the application.

Community Moderator


You'll maintain our excellent discussion spaces by enforcing the rules and being a good example of the kind of behaviour we expect. You'll also communicate with users to understand their wants and needs and how to improve their experience.

Required Skills

  • Compassionate, able to use your judgement to prioritize user wellbeing over enforcing rules to the letter
  • Able to respond quickly to incidents and make appropriate decisions in a time-sensitive context

You can apply to moderate either the Discord server or the forum (we're looking for more of the latter right now). Please also note that to cover our bases we're especially interested in applications from timezones outside of GMT, PST and EST.

Project Volunteer


You'll carry out a broad range of tasks based on the needs of the projects you choose to work on including but not limited to:

  • research and data collection
  • networking and organizing
  • taking and maintaining notes and logs
  • technical writing
  • campaigning

Required Skills

  • General competency with office suite software (word processors, spreadsheets, etc)
  • Able to prioritize and complete assigned tasks in a timely manner

Guest Writer


You'll write an article touching on a community issue for one of our monthly article spots. This is a one-off job, not a permanent position.

Required Skills

You just need to be able to write a compelling piece within a 2-3 week timeframe!

Please be aware that our monthly article is voted on by our Patrons, and your submission may not be picked in the same month that you submit it.

Regardless of what role you're applying for, we expect all of our volunteers to be:

  • Proactive - Alt+H has a flat structure and you won't report to anyone unless you're part of a project group, so you'll need to take the initiative to get stuff done.
  • Altruistic - nobody at Alt+H is financially compensated for their work. Volunteers need to remain conscious of this and put the benefit of the alterhuman communities first in everything they do.
  • People-Oriented - working with Alt+H, as with all activism, involves making genuine connections with other people. Not every job will require talking to members of the public, but you will have to communicate and solve problems with your fellow volunteers.
  • Professional - Alt+H tackles large-scale, real-world problems. We expect you to take yourself, the organization, and alterhuman activism as a whole seriously, and leave whatever intra-community discourse exists on your favourite social media site at the door.
  • Committed - We take on volunteers under the assumption that they’ll be with us for the foreseeable future. But, life stuff happens, so if you think you’ll be staying with us for less than forever, please be clear about how long-term your vision is. We also expect you to be in contact with the rest of the team and communicate with us regularly.
We do not expect you to have any previous work or volunteering experience, and there's no requisite level of familiarity with alterhuman concepts, discourse and history.

You can apply to be a volunteer by joining our Discord server