Alt+H sees the word 'alterhuman' as an opportunity to unite all kinds of people over a shared experience of being not-normatively-human.

We think that this experience deserves to be taken seriously and seek to challenge structures in public society that exclude or fail to consider alterhumanity.

Alt+H began on September 27th 2016 as a tumblr blog dedicated to curating content and producing original articles on alterhumanity. The discord server was formed shortly after, and it was the growth of the community here that began to push us towards our current goal of alterhuman advocacy. As of 2019 we are a private company Limited By Guarantee - we’ve incorporated as an official legal entity in order to continue our work and acquire donations to fund this.

The specific ways we aim to achieve our goals are:


  • Conducting surveys to assess attitudes towards alterhumanity and needs of the communities
  • Publishing and promoting quality projects to legitimize alterhumanity in the public eye


  • Creating resources for people in key roles (therapists, spiritual leaders, etc) to allow them to help alterhuman people effectively in their role
  • Running campaigns to bring alterhuman issues to the attention of the general public


  • Providing spaces where alterhuman people can discuss their experiences and ideas
  • Giving advice and information on how to deal with various aspects of living as alterhuman

Learn about the people behind Alt+H, including our excellent Patrons, here.
For more information about alterhumanity itself, please see our Educate page.