Last updated 7th September 2019

Time-based Objectives

Alterhumanity and Mental Health: Post-project stuff

While the Alterhumanity and Mental Health pamphlet is complete, we’re not quite done with the project yet. We still want to write:

  • a companion post instructing people how to use the pamphlet, including how to find an alterhuman-friendly therapist in the first place.
  • a post-mortem evaluating the project and discussing what we've learned that we can take into future work.
  • plus, we've got a few graphical and formatting tweaks we want to make to it.
We aim to have this completed in the next few months.

Forum Development

Development continues on the forum! We're just about ready to transfer what we have from the development environment to our staging server, now that we have a VPS. There will be some more work to do to integrate it into the online environment, but we're still on track to our goal of opening a closed beta to our Discord server users before the end of the year.

Financial Plan

Alt+H has officially incorporated, and we're almost ready to start accepting donations. In order to prepare for that, we need to:

  • Open a business bank account
  • Transfer all current Alt+H expenses from personal accounts to this one
  • Research the best use for the money we receive, including calculating operating costs
  • Set clear financial goals, including what we'll do if we receive more money than we expect/can reasonably use
  • Implement a transparent financial reporting system
  • Set up a Patreon
We expect this to take up to two months.


These are project ideas we can act on right now - please get in touch with us, by email or through our social media channels, to let us know what you think it's most important to work on first!


We want to learn about:

  • general demographics
  • the prevelance of species dysphoria and its effects (perhaps as part of a broader survey on alternormal experiences)
  • experiences of alterhuman discrimination, fear of consequences for disclosing identity, and lack of representation


Depending on the results of above surveys, we'd like to speak to alterhumans themselves about radical acceptance of alternormal experiences (like species dysphoria, shifts, memories, etc) as legitimate meaningful experiences. We have a hunch that a lot of alterhuman people claim that their alterhumanity doesn't affect their 'real' life while actually struggling with and repressing their experiences, but we want to confirm or deny this with research first.


We'd like to make more pamphlets along the lines of our Alterhumanity and Mental Health one. We're considering:

  • A guide on disclosing your alterhuman identity to friends and loved ones
  • A complimentary leaflet explaining the basics of alterhumanity to the average person.
  • Versions of all our pamphlets more specifically tailored to the experiences of nonhumans, plurals and fictionfolk.
Additionally, one of our aims is providing advice and information on how to deal with various aspects of living as alterhuman. We haven’t really tackled that yet, and would like to think about ways to do so.

Future Goals

These are things that we don't currently have the resources to undertake, but we'd love to some day further down the line. Some of them are incredibly ambitious, and all of them are subject to change as we learn more about where, why, and how we ought to advocate for alterhuman people.

  • Produce high-quality physical copies of our pamphlets to distribute to individuals and organizations.
  • Fund or otherwise facilitate in-person alterhuman clubs and other cultural activites
  • Provide resources and training directly to organizations such as workplaces and mental health clinics for the purpose of making alterhuma people feel included and supported in their spaces
  • Provide resources and training to people to act as advocates/consultants/speakers in order to do things like:
    • represent alterhuman people in public forums like press interactions and panels
    • liase with therapists, government bodies and places of work on behalf of individual alterhuman people
    • provide remote advice and resources for self-advocacy to individual alterhumans in any of these situations